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Athena, while being a regular character in the KoF series, is also another differant character in the game SNK VS Capcom: SVC Chaos. She appears as a girl with purpleish hair wearing a bikini armed with a sword and sheild. She can summon many mythical creatures such as a Unicorn. During some of her super combos, she can be seen changing outfits. She appears in Dan's and Akuma's (one of them.) endings, Dan's where he teaches Athena and another character, Lord, his Saikyoryu fighting style. In Akuma's ending, Athena claims that 'someone has come to visit us.' Akuma then challenges Lord, the result of said fight is unknown, but there is a possibility that Akuma won if he used his full power.

She, and the other Athena are named after the ancient greek goddess of wisdom. There is a minute possibility that Athena and Athena from SVC Chaos are the same person.