Heavy D! (ヘビィ・D!, Hebī Dī!) is a character who first appeared in The King of Fighters '94 as the leader to the American Sports Team. He was added to the series in spirit of other boxing characters popular at the time and gained his tall stature to separate himself from the rest of the cast. He is named after the leader of the hip hop group, Heavy D & the Boyz, and his appearance may be based off a composite of numerous Afro-American prize fighters. He is voiced by Toshikazu Nishimura.


Being a famous boxer, but removed from regular competition due to once having nearly killed an opponent in the ring, Heavy receives an invitation to the KOF '94 tournament, forming a team with Lucky Glauber and Brian Battler. After the tournament ends, Heavy D! decides to tag along with Lucky and continue to look for fights all around the world, as he claims he can "live only in battles". Like the other members in his team, his invitation is stolen by other teams as a series's running gag.


Heavy D! is very cheerful outside of battle, but when fighting, he is serious and never disrespects anyone.


  • High-Speed Punch - Heavy D! can deliver punches at superhuman-like speeds.
  • Tornado Punch - Heavy D! can deliver punches surrounded by a tornado-like aura.
  • Energy Sparks - Heavy D! can fire energy sparks with an uppercut.
  • Energy Geyser - By punching the ground, Heavy D! can create a small geyser of energy.
  • Canon Punch - Heavy D! can fire a strong projectile of energy with his punch.

Fighting StyleEdit

Heavy D! is an orthodox boxer whose fighting style is heavily influenced by Micky Rogers.


  • Slum No. 5 - The King of Fighters '94, '98


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