Rugal Bernstein


Febrary 10 , unknown year , the only thing we know is before 1954
unknown , many thinks Germany
Rugal Bernstein from KOF 94 - 2002
7 ft / 213 cm
347 lbs / 157 kg (KOF 98 and 94) 375 lbs /170 kg (Other)
Blood Type
Unknown, but it's sure some orochi blood

in him , and maybe it's why his blood type

is unknown
younger brother - estranged

Adelheid Bernstein - Son Rose Bernstein - daughter Rodem - black panther ( pet ) (it's unknown did Rugal had a wife, but it's sure if he has,than his wife must

had been pasted away or estranged. )
Drug dealer, cartel leader

(it's still unknown why's he a very very

RICH guy )
Having a evil Heart ( but his children are kind )
Justice , Immediate problems
Rugal Bernstein

52 kbpx

Favorite Food
He has no favorite food and he hate no

FOOD!,he just eat everything thing that a

Rich guy can eat
Forte in Sport
although Rugal does not really do sport often,but he is very good on all kind of sport
Special Skills
Copy Other people's Super Moves

(Rugal Have everything that can be need to fight ) use anything he has and creat lot very

powerful moves, even with a bat .
Most Unpleasant
Anyone or anything , that would stop his Great or even just a small plan
Favorite Music
Classic Music ( Maybe he himself can play some classic music )
Fighting Style
A mix martial art of mastering all the

best martial arts in the world. + fighting style,martial art and

supermoves,special moves he design.

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